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Today is my mom’s birthday and sadly I can not be with her in Canada to celebrate with her.
Happy Birthday Mom!!

It is also my father-in-law’s birthday today but sadly,
we also were not able to make it out to him to celebrate with him either.
Happy Birthday Harald!!

Today I did have a special photo session this morning though.
A mother/daughter photo shoot for another mother who also just celebrated a birthday.
Happy Birthday to you too!!

The relationship between parents and their children are so fun to photograph.
I love to think how meaningful these pictures are and how much more so they will be become as the years go by.

Here is a little sneak peek of this beautiful mother-daughter team!

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Sneak Peek | Familien-Fotoshooting | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of doing a family photo shoot for a dear friend of mine.

Fitting a larger family in my little studio is always a bit of a challenge but we did it!
We had a lot of laughs and tried to stay cool (it was a hot day!).
Here are a few impressions of what we were up to that day:

The relationship between brothers and sisters is always something special.
And when you are the only girl with 3 older brothers, you are the princess in the family!
But you may also be an object of fun for the older brothers! ;-)

(don’t worry, no little sisters were harmed during this shoot!)

The pictures can also be viewed individually in my sneak peek album
or on my business page on Facebook.

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Monopoly Themed Family Picture | Kunstwerk-Fotoshooting | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Speyer Ludwigshafen

Every year I take a new family picture.
It’s so fun to see how the family changes each year.
Young children grow.
Older children marry and/or choose a life partner, bringing additions to the family!
The yearly family picture is important to me
and I am thankful my family is always willing each year to take the time for a new picture.
This year, besides a “normal” family portrait,

we got a bit creative and also did some monopoly themed pictures.
I have two pictures that I am editing from the monopoly themed pictures.
We love playing games as a family so a game themed family picture is perfect for us!

Since I am working on them in between client pictures,
it is taking a bit of time to get them done.
I am excited to have one of them finished today!

This is a huge file so it is almost a shame to post it online.
It needs to be seen BIG  and I will definitely be getting it printed that way.
Here are pictures showing the close ups of some of the details so that it can be seen a bit better online:

I hope you enjoyed seeing the fun we had as a family putting these shots together.
They can also be viewed in a Flickr album:

A picture like this requires a lot of planning since it consists of several pictures put together to create the end picture.
The background (the monopoly game board with figures) consists of 6 pictures stitched together in Photoshop to create a huge file.
Once the background was done, I set the studio up knowing I would be cutting us out and placing us individually into the background.
Then each of us posed in front of the camera using stools or ladders or whatever we needed to get us into the pose needed for the final picture.
Each of the 8 pictures was cut out and pasted into the background picture and polished off (shadows, reflections, objects added etc. etc.).
Once all the subjects were in the picture, I could do an overall edit on the whole picture.
That was a super quick run through of an edit that took a good number of hours with so many people!

In case anyone is interested in these type of creative photo sessions,
I have recently added them to my price list:

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12 Months | Baby’s First Year Project | Smash the Cake | Little Baker | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Speyer Ludwigshafen

Happy Birthday Baby S!!!!

Yes, Baby S is one year old already!
I am late with the blog post this time,
but about 2 weeks ago I met with her in the Studio
for our last session in the Baby’s First Year project.
Our session was a bit longer than what we’ve been doing each month
because we also did a little Smash the Cake session!
I’ve enjoyed this year with her so much!
I really hope that maybe a few others will also be interested in this type of project ;-)
If you are, here is the link to the prices and what is included.

Back to Baby S!

When I met Baby S two weeks ago for our last monthly session,
she was crawling!
Her mama told me that she had started crawling two days before our session!
So Baby S is now on the move and she can move fast!!
Besides being her usual sweet smiling self, she also showed me how she can throw
and I am still impressed how she does the splits while going from a sitting position
onto her tummy and now of course gets up from there and just crawls away!

For her adventure this month, she showed us how she could bake her own cake!

 Making Of:
As usual, her adventure picture is a composite.
If I would have a big nice kitchen like this,
I probably could have set it up for this shoot and not have don a composite.
But I don’t and so I did do this as a composite.
I bought a stock photo of a nice kitchen with a big counter top space in front
and set up the studio for Baby S to have her fun in!
Here are the two original pictures that were used in this composite:

And after all the fun, Baby S got to have her cake and eat it too! ;-)
Her mama had made a yummy cake for her to smash and eat in the studio.
After a small mishap (I should have thought about how clumsy my husband is before asking him to bring the cake from my fridge to the studio! lol),
the leaves were removed as best as possible, the strawberries pushed back into place and Baby S got to have her fun!


If you want to take a look at the other adventures that Baby S has done this past year,
here is a link to the blog posts which also feature behind the scenes looks:

or you can view the pictures in my “Baby’s First Year Project” album:

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Sneak Peek | Neugeborene-Fotoshooting | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

Newborn photo shoots are so special.
And they are extra special to me when I also got to meet the parents for a maternity shoot before baby was born!
At the beginning of April, I posted a sneak peek of a beautiful couple expecting their first baby:
(click here to see that post again)

The great thing about doing the maternity and the newborn shoot is that it enables us to do a “before/after” picture!

And here are some more pictures showing a bit of the sweetness I got to enjoy during this little guys first photo shoot!

The pictures can also be viewed individually in my sneak peek album.
Or on my business page on Facebook.

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