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Oh the sweetness of a baby laughing!
Baby S is 10 months old and just as cute as ever.
We had a great time in the studio this morning.
I can hardly believe that in two months, our year of monthly adventures is going to be over.

I have a few things that are in line ahead of her adventure picture
so that will most likely be posted after Easter
but I wanted to share at least one picture from today.
Here she is doing her newest thing to do when she’s having a good time, throwing her head back and grinning!

To see on Flickr:

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Sneak Peek | Schwangerschafts-Fotoshooting | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

Yesterday morning I had the honor of photographing a beautiful Mama-to-be!

We’ve been having some wonderful spring weather
so we also decided to go outside for a couple of shots.
It still was a bit chilly for standing barefoot
and without a jacket in the wet spring grass though!
Hats off to her!

This was such a fun couple and I am so glad that I also get the privilege
of seeing their little baby in my studio in about 4 weeks!

The pictures can also be viewed individually in my sneak peek album.
Or on my business page on Facebook.

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Studio Facelift | Neue Hintergründe | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

I’ve been busy giving the studio a bit of a new look!
Things have been re-organized.
A few new props have made themselves at home.
The biggest change though is re-doing the area that I use for photo sessions.

Along with my regular backgrounds, I now have 4 wall sections that have been wallpapered in different looks.

My youngest son was kind enough to model for me and
test out the new backgrounds and give a bit of an impression how they look in use.

My little studio now looks like this when you enter it:
and looking from the back wall to the front:
and a picture taken with a wide angle lens to show all 4 new wall sections from the side:

I also love doing back lit pictures and had been playing with the idea of somehow creating a window like background to use in the studio.

I wanted something that was on wheels and easy to move around and set up quickly
either as a background or as part of the background when used in front of one of the wall sections.
Since I could not find anything that fit my needs, I had the challenge of designing and putting it together myself.
Again, my son did a great job modeling for me to test it out!

If there is interest, I can post a blog post showing how I made it. Just comment or let me know and if I get enough interest, I will do a blog post on it. :)

I’m still working on the last small but important details in my studio (new samples for the display shelves!)
but I am looking forward to testing out the first official shoot in the newly renovated shooting area this weekend!

If you are interested in seeing the sample pictures larger,
here is the Flickr Album showing all the pictures individually:

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9 Months| Baby’s First Year Project | Spring Artist | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

Baby S is 9 months old!
Only 3 months and we will be finishing off her Baby’s First Year Project!
I will miss her smiling face and big blue eyed sweetness coming to my studio each month!

She has gotten two more teeth since last month.
She’s getting more active and is even starting to try to crawl.
She definitely can roll and quickly so she finds all sorts of interesting things to get into!
She is also starting to say her first words and actively listen and understand things her mommy says to her!

For her adventure this month, we took advantage of the early spring sunshine!

She is just so cute as a little artist painting the butterflies out enjoying the sun with her.
I had to do a cropped in version of this picture to show a bit more detail:

As usual, her adventure picture is a composite.
I saw a tree full of pretty pink blossoms that I photographed this week.
As I was taking pictures a peacock butterfly flew in and it was just too perfect of a opportunity to pass up!
These are the pictures I used to put together the background:

Baby S was of course photographed in the studio.
I’ve been busy renovating in the studio and just barely got it usable again for her appointment
(I’ll be doing another blog post about the studio’s new look once it’s completely finished)
As usual, I prepared the background first so that I could set the studio lighting up to
look as similar as possible to the lighting on the background picture.
Baby S was her cute usual self!
Here is a pullback of the lighting set up and the two pictures of Baby S I used in this composite:


If you want to take a look at the other adventures so far that Baby S has done,
here is a link to the blog posts which also feature behind the scenes looks:

or you can view the pictures in my “Baby’s First Year Project” album:

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