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Happy New Year!

As I’ve mentioned, 2017 is bringing a few changes to my photography business! I am making the leap into creative composites and fine art photography! This was a really hard decision to make since I have loved all my classic portrait photography clients that have trusted me to do their photographs over the years. But it is the direction of photography that has always fascinated me the most and I am ready to make the leap!

Our personal family photo was another composite this year. The theme chosen was “Great Gatsby”.  I wanted to have one formal picture and one scene picture. There were two big problems that presented themselves, I don’t have a Great Gatsby type of location close to me and even if I did, it was almost impossible finding a date that all my grown kids with partners were able to be at a certain location and all at the same time. That meant even if I could rent a location somewhere, I had no idea when, where and what time would work for everyone!

This is the perfect type of situation for a composite. I set up the neutral grey background I have in the studio, and then we just did the session when it worked! And it turned into a super fun evening! Everyone was able to find clothes, hairstyles and get into the right frame of mind for a Great Gatsby session! I love my family!

Like I said, the pictures were taken in front of a neutral grey background in my studio. I searched Shutterstock for the type of background we could use and bought two stock photos to use as the background. With the backgrounds, I could plan where everyone would be placed in the picture. After we all knew what we would be doing and were we would be in the end photo, we could pose accordingly. I took picture of individuals or couples in front of the grey background and used Photoshop to insert us into the new background.

Here are the original pictures and bought stock photos used for the above two final pictures:

And with all the planning done ahead of time, there was also time for lots of goofing around after the pictures were taken!

I have a large lit frame in my entrance hallway that I use for our family pictures, so I ordered our newest picture on backlit film and get to see it all the time as I walk around the house! I took a picture of it to show it off, but of course it is much more impressive in person! Just for reference, the backlit picture is 63 cm x 68 cm (25 x 35 inches) and the second picture on the little cupboard is 20 cm x 30 cm (8 x 12 inches).

I’m really looking forward to being able to focus more on creative composites. A Flickr Album showing a bit more of this type of work can be found here:

There is also still time to apply to be my model family! I am choosing a family at the end of January! More details are here (in German):

Wishing you all the best for 2017!

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Sneak Peek | Smash the Cake | Family | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

My client photography year for 2016 started in January with a sweet newborn session
and is now ending with that same sweet little boy’s “Smash the Cake” session!
(the newborn session was blogged here: newborn session)

It is so great when a newborn client comes back for their Smash the Cake!
I love seeing how they’ve changed and yet still have the same distinct look they had as a newborn!

Here is a little peek at some of the fun we had on Saturday!

I love the Star Wars theme the family picked!

These pictures can also be viewed in my sneak peek album
or on my business page on Facebook.

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Familie als Modell für ein kreatives Shooting gesucht! | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof Nähe Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

Für die neue kreative Richtung, in die ich mich mit meiner Fotografie bewege, plane ich einen besonderen Blog-Report und eine Werbekampagne. Dafür brauche ich eine Modell-Familie, die mir erlaubt, alle Bestandteile eines Kreativ-Shootings online zu zeigen und einen Bericht über ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Kreativ-Shooting für mich schreibt. Die Bilder und den Bericht will ich auf meinen Websites veröffentlichen und für Werbezwecke z.B. auf Facebook benutzen (natürlich ohne Namen).

Das bekommt Ihr von mir:

Die Modell-Familie erhält von mir ein Familien-Kreativ-Shooting im Wert von 345 Euro. Darin sind folgende Bestandteile enthalten:

  • die Planung aller einzelnen Teile des Shootings,
  • das Fotoshooting,
  • die kreative Bearbeitung der Einzelbilder mit Adobe Photoshop,
  • ein künstlerisch bearbeitetes Bild (als hochauflösende jpg-Datei mit Druckrecht und in niedriger Auflösung für Smartphone, Facebook etc.) per E-Mail oder in einer Drop-Box,
  • ein edler Fine-Art-Abzug in 20 x 30 cm auf 188g Hahnemühle Photo Rag Karton.

Das brauche ich von Euch:

  • Ihr solltet eine Familie mit Mutter, Vater und einem oder zwei Kindern sein, bei der jeder riesig Spaß daran hätte, mit mir an einem kreativen Familienbild zu arbeiten,
  • Mutter und Vater müssen sich schriftlich damit einverstanden erklären, dass ich das Kunstwerk-Bild für Werbezwecke benutzen kann, sobald ich bestätigt habe, dass ich Euch als Modell-Familie ausgewählt habe. Wenn Eure Kinder schon 14 Jahre alt sind, brauche ich auch deren Einverständnis. Ich werde das endgültige Bild und “Behind the scenes” sowie “Making of”-Bilder für meine Webseiten benutzen (natürlich ohne Namen),
  • Einen Bericht (auf Deutsch) über Eure Erfahrungen bei dem Shooting innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach dem Shooting (ich stelle Fragen, an denen Ihr Euch orientieren könnt).

Wie könnt Ihr meine Modell-Famile werden?

  • Schickt mir ein Bild von Eurer Familie mit dem Alter Eurer Kinder und beschreibt mir Eure Ideen, die Ihr für das Kreativ-Shooting habt (falls Ihr Euch noch nichts Konkretes vorgestellt habt, macht Euch keine Sorgen, dann entwickeln wir zusammen eine Idee – uns fällt auf jeden Fall etwas ein),
  • Eure Anfrage schickt Ihr bitte vor dem 31. Januar 2017 an Sobald ich Eure Mail bekommen habe, bestätige ich innerhalb von 48 Stunden den Eingang. Solltet Ihr keine Bestätigung bekommen, schaut bitte in Eurem Spam-Ordner nach. Falls die Bestätigung auch nicht in Eurem Spam-Ordner gelandet ist, schickt mir die Anfrage bitte noch einmal.
  • Alle Familienmitglieder müssen im Februar 2017 Zeit haben, mit mir das Shooting zu planen und die Einzelbilder aufzunehmen.
  • Mutter und Vater müssen mir innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach dem Shooting ihren Bericht schicken. Das endgültige Bild bekommt Ihr, sobald Euer Bericht bei mir angekommen ist.


Damit Ihr eine Idee bekommt, was Euch erwartet, könnt Ihr Euch in einem Blogpost ein Beispiel von einem kreativen Shooting mit meiner Familie anschauen: Monopoly-Familienbild

So wie jede Familie einzigartig ist, so ist auch jedes kreative Shooting mit mir einzigartig. Wir kreieren zusammen ein Kunstwerk, das die Einzigartigkeit Eurer Familie wiedergibt!


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Happy Halloween | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

My youngest son loves to be scary right now.
When we were picking out his Halloween costume for this year,
the only thing it had to be was SCARY.

So when his costume was put together,
we decided it would be fun to make some scary pictures to fit his scary look.
I really enjoy spending time with him and experiencing how his brain works.
He has so many good ideas!

Whenever I start a project that I know will be a composite, the first thing I need to know is the theme.
My son, of course, wanted a scary theme.
He wanted to be a monster and that monster should be scary!
He had his costume, so we thought about what we would like to do with it.
We decided we also wanted a carved pumpkin to fit in with the scary Halloween theme.
So the second thing we did was get a pumpkin and carved it out.
The third thing we did was think about what setting we wanted.
We went online and looked at backgrounds on a stock site and decided on the graveyard scene and bought a stock picture
(there are all sorts of sites online that sell stock pictures and these are great to use as digital backgrounds if you don’t have your own supply of the type of background you need!).
Having the background before I actually take the picture is important because I need to know how the light is falling in order to set up the lights in the studio for the picture of the subject.
We decided we wanted two set ups.
One showing the monster in the larger background.
And one showing my son escaping out of his pumpkin jail with a closer up shot concentrating on him.
After getting the shots we needed, I started working in Photoshop combining the pictures.

While working on the first picture, I realized the grave stone we had originally thought he would be leaning against, wouldn’t work the way I wanted it to.
So again, I went on the stock site and found a single grave stone I could use to build into the scene for him to lean against.
By then it was dark, so I lit our pumpkin with a candle and took a picture of it to use for glowing eyes and mouth.
Here is the first picture again, with all the pictures used to create the composite underneath it:

We wanted a close up for the second picture that would show him as a “normal” boy escaping from his pumpkin jail.
I used a section of the same background and photographed him close up, focusing on the pumpkin in his hand.
Then he lay on two little stools in between ladder legs and imagined the triumph he would feel as he made his way out of his jail.
Here is the second picture again with the pictures used to create it underneath it:

It was a fun Saturday with my son and we had lots of good times watching the final picture take shape!

Click on the link to view an album on Flickr with more creative composites:

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Sneak Peek | Familien-Fotoshooting | Fotostudio 67117 Limburgerhof | Fotograf Mannheim Ludwigshafen Speyer

There was a lot of action and cuteness in my studio on Saturday!

Here is your sneak peek:

Up Up and Away!
even in the studio, it is possible to fly 😉

These pictures can also be viewed in my sneak peek album
or on my business page on Facebook.

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