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Happy New Year!

As I’ve mentioned, 2017 is bringing a few changes to my photography business! I am making the leap into creative composites and fine art photography! This was a really hard decision to make since I have loved all my classic portrait photography clients that have trusted me to do their photographs over the years. But it is the direction of photography that has always fascinated me the most and I am ready to make the leap!

Our personal family photo was another composite this year. The theme chosen was “Great Gatsby”.  I wanted to have one formal picture and one scene picture. There were two big problems that presented themselves, I don’t have a Great Gatsby type of location close to me and even if I did, it was almost impossible finding a date that all my grown kids with partners were able to be at a certain location and all at the same time. That meant even if I could rent a location somewhere, I had no idea when, where and what time would work for everyone!

This is the perfect type of situation for a composite. I set up the neutral grey background I have in the studio, and then we just did the session when it worked! And it turned into a super fun evening! Everyone was able to find clothes, hairstyles and get into the right frame of mind for a Great Gatsby session! I love my family!

Like I said, the pictures were taken in front of a neutral grey background in my studio. I searched Shutterstock for the type of background we could use and bought two stock photos to use as the background. With the backgrounds, I could plan where everyone would be placed in the picture. After we all knew what we would be doing and were we would be in the end photo, we could pose accordingly. I took picture of individuals or couples in front of the grey background and used Photoshop to insert us into the new background.

Here are the original pictures and bought stock photos used for the above two final pictures:

And with all the planning done ahead of time, there was also time for lots of goofing around after the pictures were taken!

I have a large lit frame in my entrance hallway that I use for our family pictures, so I ordered our newest picture on backlit film and get to see it all the time as I walk around the house! I took a picture of it to show it off, but of course it is much more impressive in person! Just for reference, the backlit picture is 63 cm x 68 cm (25 x 35 inches) and the second picture on the little cupboard is 20 cm x 30 cm (8 x 12 inches).

I’m really looking forward to being able to focus more on creative composites. A Flickr Album showing a bit more of this type of work can be found here:

There is also still time to apply to be my model family! I am choosing a family at the end of January! More details are here (in German):

Wishing you all the best for 2017!

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