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February 2011 – February 2016
It has been 5 years since I converted a bit of space into a small photo studio!
Over the last 5 years, I’ve continued to make changes in the studio
trying to optimize it for the type of sessions that I do.

It is a small space (about 30m² or about 323 f²) and I need to have a larger shooting area for families as well as being able to do sessions with children and babies. I need a variety of different backgrounds and props that are easy to set up and use in limited space. Last year I was  considering giving up baby sessions, especially newborn sessions, since these type of sessions require a totally different type of set up and props than sessions with families/children. It was a lot of work trying to set up what I need for a newborn session and then put it away again after each newborn session and also needs a lot of storage space. The storage space problem was solved in 2013 when I set up cupboards in the hallway outside the studio for storing larger props but the set up and take down time remained a problem.

The last few weeks have been busy with making changes in the studio which I hope will help with reducing the set up and clean up time for newborn sessions. My husband has built me a small platform in the studio which gives a dedicated space for newborns, babies and small children. It allows me to also use smaller backgrounds which means set up/take down goes faster and the small backgrounds take up less space so I also have more room for a larger variety of backgrounds for babies and children. I’ve moved my blankets, wraps and baby clothes into the studio as well as setting up a change table with heater over it. These changes make newborn and baby sessions more comfortable and easier for all of us.

The two larger shooting areas which are used for families and adults are still at the front and the back of the studio. On each side of the studio I have a few different large backgrounds that can be chosen from for sessions with families, couples and other constellations needing a larger background.

The side wall is white on one side and black on the other for basic white or black backgrounds and behind the white sheet on the one side, I have attached my headboard background that is ready to go at anytime for family or baby/children sessions where this type of background is wished. The movable window is also available as a background on it’s own or as part of a scene.

One thing I have realized over the years, is that I can never say that I am totally finished with improvements.
Each year has me thinking of what I changes I can do in my little studio to make things better.
I am especially thankful for my husband who patiently listens, makes suggestions
and then spends his after work hours helping me make the changes I want done!

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