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Hopefully 2016 has gotten off to a terrific start for you!
I am so happy to start photo sessions again after a long Christmas break and birthday holiday!
2016 photo season has gotten off to a special start with a sweet 5 week old baby boy and his parents.
And I think it’s extra special that I will be ending the 2016 season with his Smash the Cake session in December!

In newborn photography, we try to get the newborns in before they are 2 weeks old
in order to get the sleepy curly poses that are so typical of newborns.
Baby Mika was awake and alert for his entire session and already had such strong neck control!
We didn’t get the sleepy curly poses but he gave us some super cute looks
and did so well for his photo session, he was so much fun to work with and to snuggle with!

In between, he did get sleepy and gave some huge yawns but still refused to fall asleep and miss anything!

His parents also brought a couple of outfits with for pictures. This little snail outfit required that he lay on his tummy.
Usually I do this pose with a sleeping newborn but we decided to try it with him.
Please be aware of newborn safety if attempting this pose.
His parents were on both sides of him to support him and to help support his head,
their hands have been removed in the editing process.

Such an adorable little boy!
I’m looking forward to his Smash the Cake session in December!

The pictures can also be viewed in my sneak peek album
or on my business page on Facebook.

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