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This year I decided to do a monopoly themed family picture.

We love playing games as a family so a game themed family picture is perfect for us!

This is a huge file so it is almost a shame to post it online.
It needs to be seen BIG  and I have a beautiful canvas of it hanging in my staircase
which I love looking at every time I go up or down the stairs.
Here is a picture of my youngest son holding it before it was hung:

A picture like this requires a lot of planning since it consists of several pictures put together to create the end picture.

The background (the monopoly game board with figures) consists of 6 pictures stitched together in Photoshop to create a huge file.
Once the background was done, I set the studio up knowing I would be cutting us out and placing us individually into the background.
Then each of us posed in front of the camera using stools or ladders or whatever we needed to get us into the pose needed for the final picture.
Each of the 8 pictures was cut out and pasted into the background picture and polished off (shadows, reflections, objects added etc. etc.).
Once all the subjects were in the picture, I could do an overall edit on the whole picture.
That was a super quick run through of an edit that took a good number of hours with so many people!

And here are pictures showing the close ups of some of the details so that it can be seen a bit better online:

I hope you enjoyed seeing the fun we had as a family putting these shots together.
More creative composites can be viewed here:

Please contact me if you are interested in a creative family portrait to hang on your walls!
These are pieces of art that you will cherish for years and so much fun to create!
Together we would think up an idea that is best for your family.
Every picture is unique just as every family is unique!

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