Light Painting | Photography Effects Project, Week Two

For this weeks Photography Effects Project, I choose Light Painting.

If you’re not sure what it is, here is a link to a description:
If you’re interested in trying it out go to “My Tutorials” on that site for some help on some basic set ups.

Another tutorial is here:
hint: be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the tutorial. WOW!

For my first try at it, I set up in my studio because I could make it fairly dark there.
I used a tripod and my settings were f/13, SS 30 seconds, ISO 100.
The tripod is necessary because of the long shutter time.

I used a little light that my son had for his lantern and I could easily turn on and off.
With the 30 second shutter time, I could start off in dark and then turn the light on and off as I needed.
At first I had left the light on the whole time and it left little strings with each movement to a new place.
Turning the light off in between movements gave a cleaner picture:

I shot in RAW and added a bit of contrast in post processing as well as playing with temperature and then gradient overlays set in color mode.
I found light painting a bit more challenging than the smoke photography but I’m looking forward to practicing some more!
Here are a couple of others from today:

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