Levitation – Week Five – Digital Photography Effects Project
January 31, 2013 Digital Photography Effects Project 2013

This weeks digital photography effects project is Levitation!
I announced it in the group on Monday and it has been interesting to see the first pictures coming in!

I have a few ideas I want to try yet but decided to do one quick picture tonight
so I could introduce it on my blog for those of you who are not in the Facebook group but are still following.

For this picture I had my camera set up on timer.
I took one picture of my son looking at his tower without cars flying in the picture.
Then I took two other pictures with me holding the cars.
In Photoshop I put the picture with me in it on a layer over the picture without me in it
and using masking, just removed me from the picture.
Voila! Magical flying cars!

Here is a link with wonderful samples as well as links to all sorts of tutorials on levitation:

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