Newborn Posing Background Stand

Posted on Pinterest is an interesting description on how to build your own backdrop stand for newborn photography.
This looked like a good solution for something that I had been thinking about for awhile for newborn shoots.
When I photograph newborns, I like to walk around each side and be able to get each angle of a pose.
I also like the blanket they are lying on to to stretch to the sides and up the back so it is also used as a background.
It needs to be stretched as smooth as possible so no wrinkles distract from the sweet baby.
A traditional background stand does the trick but I often was bringing chairs
in for the sides or having the parents hold and stretch out the blankets on the sides.

So I went to the lumber store here in Germany hoping that I would be able to find the PVC pipes to make this.
I did have to adapt my construction based on what was available here, but I am really happy with the outcome!

Here is the stand set up on the left and set up with my bean bag puck that I use for newborns on the right:

(since I use a small trampoline under the puck, I also adjusted the height a bit for my stand)

and here are some behind the scenes shots with the frame set up as if for a newborn shoot:

and a couple of SOOC (straight out of camera) shots of my little test baby (monkey) in action:

I am looking forward to my next newborn shoot to really test it out.
And although I am on break right now,
I have made one exception for a sweet little baby whose mommy really wanted both her maternity and newborn pictures by me.

Edited to add, here is the sneak peek using this set up.

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