365, Day 42| oh flash| macro

I love taking macro pictures.
After seeing some results of the Oh-Flash speed lite adapter from other photographers, I decided to order it and try it myself.
The Oh-Flash is just a big ring that attaches to the speed lite and distributes the light in a circle (more horse shoe) shape around the lens.

I took a couple of pictures of it attached to my SB900 on my Nikon D700 with my Nikkor Macro 105mm f/2.8G lens.
no flash on:

with flash on:

and a couple of macro shots using the oh-flash adapter:

If you already own a speed lite, this is a real money-saving adapter that gives you a ring flash type of light.
My husband (who’s eye I photographed) said it was such a soft diffuse light
that it did not hurt his eyes at all even though I was directly in front of them with it.

My only negative point would be that the plastic covering it seems to be quite hard and cheap quality.
In fact since I am very squeamish of spiders and was trying to get away FAST after taking the picture,
the oh-flash fell of my speed lite and a tiny piece of the plastic broke off.
It doesn’t affect how it takes pictures but it made me aware of two things:
1) it doesn’t attach super tight so you have to be careful or it may fall off
2) it is made of hard cheap plastic that breaks easily
BUT saying that, it is a super cheap alternative to get good lighting for macro shots if you already own a speed lite,
so I do think it’s worth the buying it if you want to take macro shots for fun and not buy an expensive ring flash.
Just be careful with it and keep making sure it’s still attached tight (especially while trying to run away from spiders!)

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